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Non woven shoe cover
( KS-003 )
Advantages of using Nonwoven shoe covers:
1) Alternative product to low quality and cheap plastic/PE shoe covers.
2) Nonwoven shoe covers are more durable and long lasting and therefore have to be changed lessoften cost cutting product for our client.
3) Less slippery & safer for User
4) Non woven shoe covers are eco friendly therefore users are slowly shifting towards Non Woven shoe covers.
We have installed as new high speed Non Woven shoe cover making machine, which can produce Non Woven Shoe Covers in various fabrics and sizes. Please see the product technical specifications below:

Technical specifications:

Make: Kwality
Length : 410 mm (suitable for all shoe sizes)
Height : 15 cm / 20 cm
Fabric : 
          • Non woven i. e. PP Spun bond (20 to 60 GSM)
          • PP+ PE laminated (Waterproof)
          • SMMMS (Waterproof) (30 to 60 GSM)
          • PP Spun bond with Anti Skid Printing
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