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Disposable Surgical Face Mask Manufacturer & Supplier

Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Single Ply Face Mask with Loop & Lace ( KM-001 )
Disposable Surgical Face Mask
Two Ply Face Mask with Loop & Lace ( KM-002 )
Disposable Surgical Face Mask
Three Ply Face Mask with Loop & Lace ( KM-003 )
Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Features of Disposable Face Mask :

Prevents skin irritation, Bacteria filtration efficiency for single ply 80%, for double ply : 85% & for three ply : 97% pleated for full face coverage, adjustable pvc coated aluminium nose clip and soft thread elastic ear bands or lace, filters dust particles size upto 4 microns, sonic sealing & proper placement of folds. Cool & breathable, lint Free. Surgical Face Mask is the best mask to prevent swine flue in low price.

Technical Specification of Disposable Face Mask :

All the above disposable face mask are made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric. This material is preferred for its light weight. Its gravity is lighter than hydrophobic PP fibers so it has excellent water repellency and air permeability resulting in providing comfort & dryness resulting in anti bacterial and anti fungal resistance.

Material Colour Size Length Packing
PP Spun Bond Non Woven Fabric Blue Free Width 175 mm
Length 95 mm
100 Nos. in a Box /
10 Boxes in a Carton
Face Mask Can also be made as per customer requirement

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